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Back in July 1983 I was 27 and, like every summer, I was getting ready to leave for my long-awaited holidays: some good friends riding their bikes, my own BMW 650, a tent and a sleeping bag. Bound for Corse.
Like every other summer... but I would never have imagined that those holidays would change my life for ever.
Once we got to our destination, our ways crossed those of two German boys riding old, strange customized motorbikes: they were two Harley-Davidsons.
The company of those boys and of their twin-cylinder bikes not only made our holidays even more wonderful, but gave rise to a beautiful friendship and the passion for those charming motorbikes. These feelings were destined to grow so much so that, as soon as we got back to Italy, we went in search of our first Harleys, while the relationships with Germany had become so strong and sincere that we decided to found a real group and give a name to our feeling, to our friendship and to our mutual passion for the H-D.
So we founded the Blues Bikers MC.

Now what we needed was a place where to meet easily and peacefully.
That was how we developed the idea of founding a meeting place for motorcyclists.
So in the summer 1985 we bought an old pub, turned it upside down and called it by those two words in which we felt so identified.
And the Blues Bikers Pub was born.

A story made of passion, friendship and sincerity.
A beautiful story which has been going on for thirty years now, with the usual spirit.
But that is not the end.
There’s still a long way to cover together.


Blues Bikers Pub - via Brioschi 7 Milano - phone - 19:00-2:00 (kitchen 19:30-1:30) - Closed on Monday - P.IVA 07969000152